Advanced Wireless Data Solutions

About RF DataTech

RF DataTech design, manufacture & sell complete wireless data solutions for mobile and fixed applications using:-

• Licensed VHF, UHF & 900MHz radio products that meet relevant ETSI, FCC & DOC specifications
• Licence exempt VHF, UHF, 900MHz & 2.4GHz radio products that meet relevant ETSI, FCC & DOC specifications

RF DataTech products were designed following extensive world wide market research and hence meet the technical requirements of most countries (including the tough European ETSI standards).

They are suitable for applications such as:

• SCADA & Telemetry
• Paging systems
• Transmission of data to remote information displays
• Satellite data gathering
• Automatic vehicle logging & tracking

In addition to packaged radio modem and paging radio products, RF DataTech also offer the internal RF assemblies separately as high quality radio modules for OEM use. Having in-house design capability not only allows us to continue to develop leading edge products,but also allows us to tailor designs where required to meet particular customer requirements not served by standard products. Examples might include a simple mechanical repackaging to allow compatibility with other equipment, incorporation of new protocols or operation in a different frequency band.

RF DataTech have been involved in the design and manufacture of radio telemetry and industrial control equipment in the UK for many years. Our products have always utilised the latest advances in component and manufacturing technologies to provide reliable and cost effective solutions to customers needs.

As a result of extensive investment in plant and people over a number of years, we now have modern well-specified in-house production facilities including surface mount assembly equipment and a 4 zone, fully programmable convection reflow oven for soldering purposes. Our surface mount production lines use ‘no-clean’, environment friendly solder pastes to provide outstanding surface mount soldered joint quality. To complement the automated surface mount equipment we employ a highly skilled workforce of PCB assembly staff with many year’s experience of conventional and surface mount technologies.

Key design aims for all RF DataTech products include:- ultra low current consumption, exceptional RF performance, a high degree of programmability and the production of leading edge products which still offer established users maximum compatibility with their legacy systems.