Advanced Wireless Data Communications

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art production facilities are not just used for the manufacture of our own products - we also utilise them to offer a full contract manufacturing service to external clients.

If you have an electronic production requirement, we would be very happy to help with it. We can handle large or small production runs, even down to prototype quantities and, if needed, we can provide full support to optimise your design for production.

We can accept design input in most standard formats and can either work with free-issued parts or use our own component stock, depending on your preferences and the nature of the components being used.

Surface Mount Assembly

Our suite of modern equipment for surface mount pcb assembly can place components down to 0201 size or up to 42mm square PLCC packs and 40way DIL IC sockets.

We can manufacture using either traditional lead-based or lead-free solder paste and in either case we use ‘no-clean’, environment friendly pastes to provide outstanding soldered joint quality. Our AVX400 screen printer is capable of printing panels using industry standard “Vectorguard” frames up to 23” square.

Components are placed using a four-head Essemtec Paraquda (PARA-4C) pick-and-place machine, capable of placement speeds up to 12,000 cph and with capacity to load with up to 128 different component types at the same time.

We then use a 4 zone, fully programmable, Essemtec RO400FC convection reflow oven with a mesh belt transport system to complete the soldering process.

Conventional Assembly

To complement the automated surface mount equipment we employ a highly skilled workforce of PCB assembly staff to fit conventional through-hole components, screening cans and other mechanical parts.

As with the surface-mount stage, RF DataTech employ a ‘no clean’ policy regarding the conventional assembly of printed circuit boards. This system utilises low flux and low residue ‘colophony free’ solder. This negates the need for flux removal post soldering and reduces any risk to the operators from inhalation of harmful fumes.

Wiring and Final Assembly

To finish off your products, we have a panel and equipment-wiring department where completed PCBs can be assembled into cases, wired up and mechanically finished. Our skilled staff can produce any required cable assemblies in-house and all assembly work is carried out to the latest specifications including IEEE regulations.

Inspection & Rework

We use camera based and conventional microscopes for detailed inspection and have a number of hot air re-work stations for any component changes that may be required after initial assembly.