Advanced Wireless Data Communications



Having design skills in-house not only allows us to continue to develop leading edge products, but also allows us to tailor designs to meet particular customer requirements not fully served by standard products. Examples might include a simple mechanical re-packaging to allow compatibility with other equipment, the use of different connector types, the incorporation of new data protocols or operation in different frequency bands.

If you see one of our products that almost does what you want, but is not quite right, then please get in touch. We would be happy to investigate the practicality of any modifications or customisations that you may wish us to make.

We welcome customer feedback about our products, both the hardware elements and the associated software, and many of the current features in our standard products were initially added at the request of clients.

Such customisations can be carried out even for very small volume orders, down to just one or two radios. Having all manufacturing under our own direct control in our own building means that this is relatively simple to organise.