Advanced Wireless Data Communications


RF DataTech has a wealth of experience in the fields of RF, analogue, digital and software engineering complemented by expertise in mechanical design.

This comprehensive spread of capability enables us to offer complete hardware and software design solutions at cost effective prices and in relatively short time scales.

For hardware designs, our in-house prototyping and manufacturing capability enables us to produce rapid development samples to keep the overall product development time to a minimum.

In addition to our hardware design services, our extensive software design capability allows us to write top level system software using high level languages such as C, C+or C++ and also to produce very efficient low-level machine code for embedded firmware.

RF design experience covers all frequencies from low-band VHF up to SHF and includes both terrestrial and satellite communications product development. Our design team is also highly experienced in the design of data processing circuitry and software defined products. This broad based design experience means that we are ideally placed to offer bespoke solutions to fit your precise needs

As a starting point for any new design, we have a broad library of standard modules that we can call upon. These can be customised and combined to rapidly get to an early stage prototype which can then be enhanced and developed until it meets the requirement specification.

If you have any design requirements, please contact us to discuss them further.