Advanced Wireless Data Communications



As the world focuses on energy conservation and better use of resources, the development of technologies for remote meter reading, smart metering, load sharing, domestic demand side management systems and centralised street lighting control has become increasingly important.

Wireless links play a big part in all these areas and RF DataTech are at the forefront of several developments in these key areas.

We have developed and supplied small data receivers designed to fit into street lighting luminaires and the associated high power base-stations and repeaters to allow control of the lighting from a central point.

We are also producing radio based hub units of our own design which are being installed in domestic premises as part of a scheme for centralised control and co-ordination of storage heating and hot water systems to make best use of the limited generating capacity in Shetland.

In addition to specific initiatives in particular countries, a number of frequencies have been specifically allocated on a pan-European basis for remote meter reading and RF DataTech have a range of modules suitable for use in all these bands.