Advanced Wireless Data Communications



Communications devices are increasingly being integrated into industrial machinery either for machine to machine communications (M2M) or machine to operator communications.

In production environments, where machines have traditionally relied upon visual status indications, light towers and audible warnings, it is possible to integrate a paging transmitter into the equipment so that paging messages can be sent to operators in the event of a fault, allowing them to more efficiently look after multiple machines, even if they are in different areas.

Two-way or unidirectional radio data links can also be used for other forms of data transmission, telemetry, remote monitoring and machine control. Radio is particularly suitable for applications where it is impractical, dangerous or uneconomic to lay cables or where one end of the link needs to be mobile.

Radio modems which are capable of supporting industrial protocols such as MODBUS are regularly used for data connections to and from Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLCs) in process control and similar industrial applications. Our ZRT and ZRM data radios explicitly support MODBUS and are ideally suited for such applications.