Advanced Wireless Data Communications

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Radio equipment is used in exploration and production by oil, gas and mining companies across the globe.

In the exploration phase, communications links are often temporary and may need to be moved on a regular basis. They will often also be in areas with difficult access and hostile environmental conditions. Radio is ideally suited for this type of operation.

Typical exploration applications might include transmission of differential GPS data for extremely precise position determination, seismic surveys, where the radio can carry both data and analogue echo signals back from remote monitoring points or data links to temporary offshore installations.

In a mining environment, radio can be used in conjunction with leaky feeder technology to provide safe reliable underground data communications.

Once oil and gas resources reach the production phase, radio is routinely used for standard SCADA applications, pipeline integrity monitoring and for control of valve gear.

In many situations where data must be sent over very long distances, but particularly in the case of pipelines, repeater sites can be used to send information further than could be achieved with a single data link. To help with this, RF DataTech radio modems incorporate a number of store and forward repeater modes as standard.