ART POCSAG Paging Transmitter

ART POCSAG Paging Transmitter

  • Transmit power user settable up to 5W
  • Frequency synthesized
  • Internal paging modem with programmable POCSAG speeds of 512, 1200 & 2400bps
  • RS232 serial data interface (300-9600bps)
  • Serial interface supports Scope protocol
  • 2 or 4 programmable local digital inputs for sending pre-programmed messages
  • I2C BUS interface for external input modules
  • Can be used with external paging encoders
  • Easy configuration using supplied software

The ART is a 50mW - 5Watt transmitter for paging and data applications in the UHF bands. VHF versions are not currently available.

It is PC programmable to encode 512, 1200 and 2400bps POCSAG, 150 - 2400bps FFSK, 4800bps GMSK and 9600bps 4Level-FSK. The unit has an RS232 serial interface, an I2C port for the connection of external modules, a modulation input for external encoders and either two or four programmable switched inputs which can be used to trigger transmission of stored messages.

When used in a paging system, the over-air transmisstion is encoded as POCSAG, but the serial message input can be configured for a number of different messaging protocols, including:- “Scope” protocol and a further proprietary protocol. The ART is a truly versatile paging transmitter.

Built into a strong aluminium housing, the units should provide years of trouble free use in tough industrial applications.

These synthesized transmitters are rugged, purpose built products designed for use in on-site POCSAG paging systems. Ideally suited for industrial and commercial applications where a fast response to a problem or situation is essential. Applications include alarms, fire, security, medical and nursing systems, shopping complexes, process and plant control, PLC systems and SCADA applications.

The ART paging radios comply with the relevant European standards for both licensed and license exempt operation.

All key parameters are PC programmable via the serial port using the supplied software.