ARX Receiver Module

ARX Receiver Module

  • Frequency synthesised Rx module
  • VHF & UHF versions available
  • DC coupled output path is provided to accommodate various modulation types.
  • Highly sensitive dual conversion receiver
  • High quality receiver filtering
  • RSSI is available as a DC voltage
  • 80mm x 63mm x 20mm

The ARX Series of receiver modules are high quality, cost effective, low current, synthesized, narrow band VHF, UHF & 900MHz products for mobile or base station operation in the paging & data markets. The products have been designed for mounting directly into an OEM client’s product with the minimum amount of fuss and the minimum number of connections.

The ARX is a self contained module, screened top and bottom, designed for 4 hole mounting using stand-offs onto a PCB or back plane.

The receive modules have high level solid state mixers to give good intermodulation performance with low current consumption. IF filtering is achieved by a four pole crystal filter at 45MHz and a further 4 pole low group delay ceramic filter at 455kHz. Frequency stability is +1.5ppm over the range -30degC to +60degC as standard, with +1ppm available as an option.

The output is DC coupled with filtering for 12.5kHz, 20kHz, 25kHz or 30kHz so it can be used with many different forms of data.

The ARX is designed to interface with an external microprocessor for channel change & RSSI measurement. Alternatively the RSSI is available as a voltage (0-5VDC) indicating the received signal strength. This voltage can be used to decide if the link path is acceptable.

The ARX receiver module was designed primarily for licensed applications requiring testing to ETSI EN-300-113, EN-300-086, EN-300-224 and EN-301-489.