ATX Transmitter Module

ATX Transmitter Module

  • Frequency synthesised transmitter module
  • 50mW-5W transmit power
  • VHF & UHF versions available
  • DC input path to the transmitter to accommodate various modulation schemes.
  • Integral mounting plate/heatsink
  • 96mm x 64mm x 20mm

The ATX transmitter modules are high quality, cost effective, narrow band, VHF & UHF products for mobile or base station use. They are frequency synthesised and their RF output power is settable between 50mW and 5W. They are ideally suited for use in paging, remote control & telemetry data applications.

The modules have been designed to mount directly into a client’s product with the minimum amount of fuss and using the minimum number of connections.

Heat sinking is provided by the integral 5mm aluminium milled base which has 4 threaded mounting holes, but for prolonged transmission at high power levels it should be bolted to a larger metal back plate to give additional heat sinking.

The ATX transmitters meet the relevant requirements of USA FCC, Canadian IC and European EN 300-224, EN 300-086 & EN 300-113 when used with suitable external control circuitry and have a frequency stability of +1.5ppm over the range -30°C to +60°C as standard, or +1ppm as an option.

The ATX is designed to interface with an external microprocessor for channel change, RF power level control & transmit enable, etc. Alternatively the RF power can be adjusted by the on-board potentiometer and we can provide an optional interface board with a PIC processor to control the other parameters.

The modulation input is DC coupled with filtering for 12.5kHz, 20kHz, 25kHz or 30kHz channel spacing so it can be used with many forms of data.