LRT Radio Module

LRT Radio Module

  • Frequency synthesised RF module
  • Available as transmitter module, receiver module or full transceiver module
  • 50mW-5W transmit power
  • VHF & UHF versions available
  • DC input and output path is provided to the transceiver to accommodate various forms of modulation
  • Highly sensitive dual conversion receiver
  • Enhanced receiver filtering compared with LC range
  • RSSI is available as a DC voltage
  • Low power consumption
  • Same footprint as low cost LC series

The LRT Series radio modules are cost effective low current, synthesised data transmitters, receivers and transceivers designed to mount directly onto OEM printed circuit boards.

VHF and UHF models are available and transmit powers are settable between 50mW and 5 Watt in the transmitter and transceiver versions. When operating at high transmit powers or high Tx duty cycle, an external heatsinking arrangement is required.

The LRT radio module was designed primarily for licensed applications requiring testing to ETSI EN -300-113, EN-300-086 and EN-301-489. To meet these demanding requirements, the receiver has an improved specification compared with the LC radio module range and as a consequence the current consumption on receive is about 5mA higher.

The synthesizer chip in the LRT radio module must be serially loaded with frequency information from an external PIC or microprocessor. PICs preloaded with both modem and synthesizer code are available for use with the LRT. For high volume requirements, other preprogrammed devices and configurations may be available. Please ask.