PRX Paging Receiver

PRX Paging Receiver

  • RS232 serial data interface (300-9600bps)
  • 4 paging addresses for serial output
  • 4 switched control outputs can be set to activate on receipt of messages
  • Additional address to fully control the 4 switched outputs
  • Control outputs can be pulsed or permanently switched depending on control message sent
  • Integral POCSAG decoder (512bps, 1200bps or 2400bps POCSAG)
  • Programmable power-save modes
  • Highly sensitive receiver
  • RSSI output is available as a 0-5VDC voltage
  • Audio output is available for monitoring or for external decoder
  • Easy configuration using supplied software

The PRX paging receiver is functionally similar to a standard pager but, instead of a display, it has an RS232 output and 4 switched digital outputs. The RS232 port allows ASCII message content from a POCSAG transmission to be passed serially to an external device, while the 4 programmable digital outputs allow remote switch operation under the control of a paging system. The switched outputs can be operated in an On/Off, Momentary or Timed mode making them ideal for sign control or remote switch operation. They can also be configured to pulse “on” for a configurable time every time a pager message is received on one of the addresses which pass data to the serial port. This allows the outputs to be used to alert an operator to the receipt of an incoming message.

The PRX can also be configured to pass all messages received on the selected frequency to the serial port irrespective of address. This allows the unit to be used as a monitor for checking or logging transmissions from a paging transmitter. There is a programmable option to allow only the message content to appear on the serial port or to prefix this with the address to which the message was sent.

The PRX Series of paging receivers have been designed to exceed the base-station requirements of ETSI EN300-224 and are much more sensitive than most pocket pagers. They are ideal for use in radio paging systems where error free reception of critical data is essential, even in areas of high interference and low signal level. Particular attention has been given to the sensitivity, selectivity, intermodulation, blocking and spurious response parameters to ensure that the receiver will perform in even the worst areas.

Built into a small, tough aluminium housing the pager units should provide years of trouble free use in tough industrial applications.

Typical on-site, local area or wide-area applications for the receiver include:-

  • wireless sign control
  • single-point and multi-point data distribution
  • remote control of systems and equipment
  • building environmental control
  • information display receivers
  • telemetry and site monitoring.
  • pager system monitoring.

All key parameters of the receiver are PC programmable via the serial port using the supplied software.