XRT Radio Base-Station

XRT Radio Base-Station

  • 5W & 10W versions
  • Up to 9k6 bps over-air in 12.5kHz channel
  • Simplex, Half-Duplex or Full Duplex
  • Both RS232 and 600ohm audio interfaces
  • 24Vdc, 48Vdc or 220V ac mains primary supply
  • 12Vdc battery charger and auxiliary supply
  • Front panel management port

The XRT9000 base-station radios are high specification products which have both analogue and digital interfaces to allow them to be used at hilltop scanner sites in both new and legacy scanning telemetry and SCADA systems. The radios can accept RS232 data inputs directly, but have auxiliary 600 ohm audio interfaces to allow use with an external modem if required. While using the internal modem, the over-air data rate can be set to a range of values between 150 baud and 9,600 baud in a 12.5kHz channel. If high speeds are not required, the modem can be set to a slower over-air rate to take advantage of the associated improvement in the receiver threshold.

The XRT9000 transceiver is supplied in a 1U rack mountable shelf which can be supplied for either 110/220V AC mains supplies or for 24/48V DC supplies. In either case there is an auxiliary 12V DC facility. This can be used with an external 12V supply or can be connected to a rechargeable battery to provide supply protection. While the primary supply is present, the unit provides an output to recharge the battery, but if the primary supply fails, the XRT automatically takes power from the battery or external 12V supply.

Duplicated configurations are possible using two XRT9000 transceiver shelves together with an XRT9000 Baychanger shelf. In the event of a fault, the better transmitter or receiver is automatically selected. Timed changeovers are also configurable to allow both halves of the system to be exercised equally in the absence of a fault condition. The Baychanger incorporates an RF switch on the transmit side and a 0dB loss splitter for the receivers.

Although having been designed with as near an open architecture as possible, to allow it to inter-work with many legacy products still operating in the field today, the new XRT9000 basestation is an advanced, state-of-the-art radio incorporating many enhanced features such as: band reversal capability, outstanding radio performance, over-air data rates up to 9,600bps in a 12.5kHz channel, support for 1800/1200Hz FFSK data for compatibility with CML modem based products, new Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP programming software, advanced management features, and the possibility of future firmware upgrades without the need for expensive hardware replacement.

The radios have been designed to have extremely sensitive receivers, and incorporate very low group delay filters to provide the best path for high speed digital signals. When running at the full 9,600 baud rate, an optional Forward Error Corrector can be switched in to further enhance the receiver performance at very low receive signal levels.

The separate Tx and Rx RF modules each incorporate their own synthesiser to enable full duplex operation.

The XRT9000 meets licence-exempt ETS300-220, licensed ETS300-113 and the VNS2111 (MPT1411) specifications at all internal modem data rates up to and including 9,600 baud.