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Radio Modem Products

RF DataTech manufactures a comprehensive range of radio modems designed to meet demanding international standards. These products are ideal for use in point-to-point data links or in point-to-multipoint applications such as scanning telemetry networks and SCADA systems.

  ART Radio Modem


URT Radio Modem


SRT Radio Modem


ZRT Radio Modem


ZRM Radio Modem


Bands Available          
Low Band VHF (66-88MHz) version      
VHF (138-172MHz) version      
220 MHz Version      
UHF (402-470MHz) version
800/900 MHz Version      
FCC/IC Approved for use in USA/Canada      
ETSI EN300-220 approved versions
ETSI EN300-113 approved versions
RF Configurations          
Half Duplex/Simplex
Full Duplex        
Traffic Configurations          
Internal RS232 Modem
RS232, RS485 or RS422 interface options      
Un-balanced 600 ohm Audio interface for External Modem        
Balanced 600 ohm Audio interface for External Modem        
19” Rack Mounting          
Integral DIN rail mount    
Analogue RSSI output for antenna align/chart recorder      
Designed to panel mount with cable connections      
Transmitter Power          
Up to 5W transmit power
10W transmit power option          
High transmit power (25W)          
Supply Voltages          
Supply Voltages 9-15V dc 9-15V dc 9-15V dc 9-15V dc 9-30V dc